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BKC believes in unburdening

At BKC BV we believe in unburdening our clients and we work every day on interesting assignments and projects at various locations. Thanks to our expertise, delivery of quality and customer-oriented attitude, many clients know how to find BKC BV. Here are some of our projects. For more information about our projects, you can also contact our office.

Oak processionary caterpillar control

At various locations in the Netherlands and Germany (including Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach), oak processionary caterpillars are being controlled with special processionary caterpillar vacuum cleaners. This

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Massaria control

A large project where about 3000 plane trees were pruned and checked for Massaria. The infestation is virtually invisible from the ground because it occurs

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Airport Düsseldorf

BKC has had enduring relationship with Düsseldorf Airport for many years. The cooperation was strengthened when a mega project at Düsseldorf Airport started in 2016.

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Tree felling Essen

BKC carried out a specialist job in Stadt Essen, which required felling trees on sloping slopes. To prevent such a slope from collapsing, the larger,

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Motte Montferland

Huis Bergh has about 500 hectares of land, of which 250 hectares of forest are owned. In the Bergherbos is the Motte Montferland, a natural

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