It is time for oak processionary caterpillar control once again. BKC BV has been involved with the removal of oak processionary moth nests since early May. It is in the months of May-June-July that oak processionary caterpillars go round “in procession” looking for food. Through contact...

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BKC BV regularly has visitors from Zevenaar schools; eighth graders get the chance to have a glance into the BKC “kitchen”. In fact, for various primary schools this has become the school trip of the year. In a hands-on manner, kids learn about sustainability, including...

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24 Jul Mega project Airport Düsseldorf success

We have had a lasting relationship with Düsseldorf Airport for years, and we are proud of that. Since last year, it has only been strengthened. Last year around this time, our mega project started at Düsseldorf Airport and after successfully completing this project 5 months later,...

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08 Jun Update: green renovation businesspark Duiven

Since October 2014 we have conducted green renovation on the Centerpoort-Nieuwgraaf business center in Duiven. After thorough preparation, we started planting in March 2015. In the meanwhile we have addressed a large part of the greenery in the industrial area. Currently we are busy with...

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miscanthus hongarije

20 Apr Succesfull harvest miscanthus

The miscanthus is harvested again! And with success. A total of 380 tonnes of miscanthus is harvested from 25 hectares of land.  The miscanthus chips are stored at Jan Pelgrim, after which they'll be processed at Miscancell in Arnhem. They process the chips to cellulose for the paper-, food-...

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motte montferland

13 Apr Update: project mound Montferland

In the meanwhile we have been working for project mound Montferland for three years, commissioned by ADC Archeoprojecten. The work covers a period of five years, which means we are about half our way.  The mound will be completely cleaned. Thus, we have already cleaned removed the...

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29 Mar Biomass central completely renewed

From the outside nothing seems changed, but inside the biomass central in Fürstenwalde is completely renewed. The central has been given new boilers and from now on more than 400 houses are sustainably heated through our central.    The old boilers in the central in Fürstenwalde had a...

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