'Creating a great environment'

BKC BV enjoys collaborating on new initiatives and is a great advocate of coming up with sustainable and innovative solutions.

Reduction of CO2 of great importance

CO2 reduction is an important part of BKC business operations. Even more so, for us this is even core business. We are working every day to reduce CO2 emissions in our environment and beyond.

Of course, we have also set up our own organization for sustainable business. For example, we work in a CO2-neutral office building and we drive electric vehicles, use as much greenery as possible as biomass and use solar panels, allowing us to avoid the use of fossil fuel. Furthermore, we use Aspen® fuel in our machines and comply with the ISO 26000 guideline regarding CSR implementation.

We want to be transparent about the progress of our own CO2 reduction. This is why the various reports, documents and targets for achieving CO2 emission reductions are transparent. In order to establish how much CO2 emission reduction has been achieved, our own registration system – validated by an independent certifying institutuin – has been developed.

BKC BV stands for sustainable, fresh and natural: the three most important meanings of the color green.

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Insight into CO2 was obtained by processing all scope 1 and 2 emissions into a Carbon Footprint. This was then analyzed in the CO2 Emission Inventory in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14064-1. You can read our most recent Carbon Footprint here.


CO2 reduction is always an important part of our operations. For BKC, this is even core business. After all, we are always working to reduce CO2 emissions in our environment and beyond, so it is a matter of course. The information about our goals to achieve CO2 emission reduction can be found in our Energy Management Action Plan.


We would like to be transparent about our progress in CO2 reduction. Information regarding our communication on this can be found in our communication plan and our newsletters on CO2 transparency. The latest versions can be read here, older versions are available on request.


In recent years, several activities have been developed with various parties within the industry and sector to achieve more sustainable operations. The use of biomass and sustainable maintenance of greenery are important factors in this. See also for this our document on our participation in initiatives.