BKC in a nutshell

BKC BV is specialized in tree care, greenery and the environment. By now we are a household name in the world of tree care and have managed to expand our working area from Zevenaar to the Benelux, Germany and Hungary.

We have skilled employees and an extensive fleet of vehicles and machinery. As a modern and efficient company with a no-nonsense mentality, we enjoy working on new initiatives and are committed daily to a trusted and lasting relationship with our clients.

BKC BV carries out assignments for municipalities, the national government, companies and institutions as well as the private sector.

Tree care

We take care off the tree from root to crown; with expertise and respect for the seasons and specific characteristics of the tree. Not only man, but certainly the tree benefits from proper care.


BKC BV provides mowing of all types of roadsides and rough grass, where mowing and clearing can be carried out in various ways. We use modern equipment and have trained personnel.


Miscanthus sinensis giganteus (elephant grass) is very suitable for generating energy in biomass plants due to its low moisture content and large amount of annual dry mass.

CO2 reduction

CO2 reduction is an important part of BKC BV operations. More so, for us this is even core business. We are working every day to reduce CO2 emissions in our environment and beyond. Read what we all do as an organization.
million tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2021 in The Netherlands

Our clients