BKC trades and provides transportation of wood

BKC BV trades and provides transport of wood (regardless of length or quantity) as well as various other green raw materials. We also have a great deal of knowledge and experience with the logistical services of green waste intended for biofuel.

In addition to transport, BKC BV also arranges the removal of branches, greenery, stumps and stumps.

Waste has the goal of recycling and separated waste belongs to a high-quality product (wood chips) that can be used as bioenergy.

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Our services

BKC BV’s services include landscaping, tree care and environmental services. A small selection of our activities:
  • Tree pruning,
  • Tree safety inspection, research and advice,
  • (Re)planting of trees,
  • Tree felling,
  • Control of oak processionary caterpillar,
  • Grass cutting.
The foundation for a green future in various specialties, delivering quality at an affordable rate:
  • Green,
  • Tree care,
  • Miscanthus,
  • Timber Trade,
  • Logistics,
  • Collection greenery.