BKC provides construction and maintenance of any business park

BKC BV takes care of the construction and maintenance of every business park.

We use the BKC Green Scan with the aim of sustainably improving the (image) quality of the public green space. This not only gives the business park an attractive appearance, but also more cohesion. The business park also becomes more attractive to newcomers due to its sustainable image.

We also take care of regular maintenance such as grass cutting, weed control, disposal of greenery and A-wood, paving and winter services.

Thanks to mowing, you always have a well-groomed and attractive lawn

Mowing lawns, cutting slopes and ditch banks or covering them with mulch, plus caring for all green surfaces and biotopes, have been part of our expertise for many years.

The clippings can be collected and disposed of and distributed on the ground as a finely shredded mulch layer. For practically every job, we have the most modern tools and well-trained employees


Municipalities are responsible for the construction and maintenance of all public green spaces such as parks, public green spaces, roadsides, traffic circles and parks. Due to austerity measures, various municipalities have been forced to reduce these maintenance costs, resulting in the austerity of public green spaces.

Green absorbs particulate matter. Rules have been drawn up by the European Union to reduce the amount of particulate matter. Measurements and model calculations show that public greenery in the form of plants absorbs up to 20% of particulate matter from the air. Reducing the amount of fine dust appears important and established standards must be observed in municipalities. Planting by BKC BV is the starting point for sustainable, colorful and carefree greenery within your municipality or company. Embellishment instead of austerity. With its planting BKC BV offers a unique total concept; an ethically responsible and sustainable design, reduced maintenance costs and finally a CO2 emission saving. In addition, the natural habitat and biodiversity is maintained and even improved.

How can such a process work:

  • Design with planting plan,
  • Proposal construction costs,
  • On request various levels of maintenance,
  • Assortment selection, acceptance and assignment,
  • Realization and maintenance of the modified greenery,
  • Long-term plan in terms of costs and management.

Safe landing

BKC BV is not only specialized in tree care, greenery and environment, but also manages various other projects such as setting up, planning and arranging the maintenance of airports.

International flight safety

Airports must comply with the minimum international regulations for flight safety (ICAO). Airport maintenance plays an important role in this. BKC BV performs the following work at, among others, Düsseldorf Airport and the SkyTrain cabin runway.

  • General (green) maintenance such as mowing,
  • Cleaning runways,
  • Fence maintenance,
  • Replacing fencing,
  • Electrical shaft inspection on runways,
  • Maintenance SkyTrain cabin runway.