Tree care

Tree care from roots to crown

As tree specialist, we take care of the tree from root to crown, with expertise and respect for the seasons and the specific characteristics of the tree. BKC takes care of trees in all stages of life. Thus, with the right interventions, we can pospone the final removal of the tree even in the decay phase for a very long time. Trees are the lungs of the world. They ‘breathe’ CO2 and produce oxygen. In an urban environment they have a clear aesthetic function that requires close care. BKC BV offers this tree care and also provides clear advice.

Need an experiences tree specialist or a partner for maintenance or removal?

With our VTA (Visual Tree Assessment) inspections, BKC BV checks the tree for defects that can undermine safety. The abnormalities found are processed in clear reports and any risks are determined. Of course, the possibilities to improve the situation are discussed.

Tree management - management in optima forma

In the form of regular tree checks and general tree maintenance, all tree data are recorded and stored. Structure characteristics such as owner, book number, user group and maintenance area can be combined with different rights. In this way, trees are secured in the future and optimally guided in growth and development.

This also provides unique opportunities for setting up effective processes within your management department as well as in communication with your contractor. The tree management model helps to assign all external reports and tree data directly to the right projects. When working with specifications or budgets, two attributes from all data can be applied per measure. Think for example of a parameter cq. deficode (tree height, crown or trunk diameter) for a correct calculation. Extensive reports are available to the user, from a work sheet to a statistic, on the maintenance measures carried out. The green map model can be integrated and photos can be saved and updated. The result is a list of a tree stock worthy of protection, which is then very useful for a monumental tree list within a municipality, for example.

The tree management model has been developed according to CROW and FLL guidelines and also processes checkpoints for trees in a forest environment (planes) as a supply for acreage data. Tree management in optima forma!

Forest conversion - the basis for a green future

BKC BV carries out various forest conversion work professionally and with careful preparation. We provide new planting, conversion of land as well as effective clearance of calamity land (for example, after a storm).

Oak processionary caterpillar - cause of health problems

The oak processionary caterpillar (Thaumethopea precessionea) is the caterpillar of a moth. The caterpillars go in groups (in procession) in the months of May, June and July in search of food. These are oak leaves, hence the name oak processionary caterpillar. After contact with the fire hairs of this caterpillar, symptoms such as itching, skin rashes, irritation to the eyes or even to the respiratory tract may occur.

As owner of the infected trees, you are responsible for controlling the nuisance. BKC BV works with professional removal systems, with which the oak processionary caterpillars are completely and safely removed. Both the caterpillars with fire hairs and the nests are sucked up and removed.

Want more information on what oak processionary caterpillar and health? RIVM collects knowledge and information about the health effects of the oak processionary caterpillar and makes it available. Or take a look at the GGD website:

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