Intake of green

Energy from green

BKC BV processes various green waste from contracting work, projects and collections.

We use the latest recycling methods and most of it is used to generate electricity and heat.

BKC BV also takes in and processes various greens.

What is allowed for intake:

  • Prunings,
  • Stubs & stumps,
  • Mixed greens:
    • Leaves, grass, hedge clippings and flowers,
    • Plants,
    • shrubs.

As a secondary component, (adherent) soil is permitted, provided it comprises no more than 10% of the load. If a container contains more than 10% soil, you will receive an additional invoice.

What BKC BV does not accept:

  • Hazardous waste,
  • Construction and demolition waste,
  • Commercial waste,
  • Vegetable waste,
  • Roadside grass,
  • Manure or fertilizers
  • (Contaminated) soil/sand,
  • Leftover material with nylon and/or plastic rope, wraps, clips, flower pots, packaging material, etc.,
  • Trees/ branches with fungi such as Dutch elm disease.

If upon acceptance it appears that the material differs in nature or composition from the acceptance conditions, adjusted conditions and/or rates may apply.

Click here for our terms and conditions regarding the acceptance of greenery.

Click here for our rates.