Airport Düsseldorf

BKC has had enduring relationship with Düsseldorf Airport for many years. The cooperation was strengthened when a mega project at Düsseldorf Airport started in 2016. After completing this project for 5 months, a follow-up project was started.

For many years BKC has been taking care of the greenery on the runways of the airport. In 2016, the challenge was to give the pits on the runways a thorough overhaul. The 425 manholes were outdated and to make flight safety more secure, the manholes were cleaned up considerably by BKC. The pits were then filled with gravel and compacted. The work was carried out at night, as air traffic naturally had to continue as usual.


A total of 425 wells were cleaned. The duration of this project was 5 months with about 10 people working weekly for 5 nights. More equipment was used, such as crawler cranes, caterpillar dumpers, tractor with container, tractor cultivator, special seeder, trucks, several shovels and special lighting..

With the repair of the wells, the grass of the runways was naturally affected. This was repaired by BKC by installing new sod. To prevent dust formation, chicken wire was placed over the new turf. In fact, dust formation can be very dangerous and harmful to ascending aircraft. With the help of this creative solution, the turf stayed in place, was able to take root and no longer posed a danger to flight safety.

At the completion of the project, the client was more than satisfied and BKC received compliments for the professional execution of the project.


July 2017, as an extension of the project, a new project was carried out at the airport. The turf proved to be another challenge, without water the installed chicken wire would not contribute and a beautiful turf would not grow. Therefore, client Düsseldorf Airport asked BKC to develop a watering system so that the grass would get enough water at regular intervals.

BKC developed a modular sprinkler system. This was constructed, tested and fully approved by our client. The prestigious system provides water to all runways on the south runway. A project BKC is proud of.

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