Wood chips as a cover material

Wood chips are an ideal covering material for the hard ground in parking lots. This will allow children to play safely. In the large Biotopwildpark Anholter Schweiz (near the Dutch border) there are more than 6 kilometers of hiking trails and while hiking you will pass different biotopes and about 50 different animal species living […]

Oak processionary caterpillar control

At various locations in the Netherlands and Germany (including Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach), oak processionary caterpillars are being controlled with special processionary caterpillar vacuum cleaners. This removes the caterpillars themselves as well as the annoying fire hairs of the caterpillar. This is the best method of  control once the oak processionary caterpillar has taken over an […]

Mowing operations German Department of Public Works

On behalf of the German Department of Public Works, BKC is responsible for the complete maintenance of 5 regions for the duration of 4 years. That’s about 1000 ha per year! The mowing activities are carried out with a completely new mowing concept. This concept was developed in cooperation with the German Department of Public […]

Maintenance of Locks Datteln

One of the larger assignments for the German Rijkswaterstaat – the maintenance of as many as 7 locks and about 1,500 km of canal. Work that is performed here: tree maintenance, maintenance and repair of the so-called Betriebswege Massariainspection of approx. 8000 trees. A project to be proud of! Would you like to see more […]

Tree packing Düsseldorf

Sometimes it is necessary to prevent leaves from damaging a tree. This was the case in Düsseldorf. Next to the tree is a concrete plant where special and exclusive concrete is produced for Düsseldorf airport. So no leaves are allowed to fall to the ground for any period of time. To prevent this, the tree […]

Massaria control

A large project where about 3000 plane trees were pruned and checked for Massaria. The infestation is virtually invisible from the ground because it occurs at the top, so inspection must be done using an aerial platform (or climbing). Massaria is caused by the fungus Splanchnonema platani and affects branches. This fungal infection causes rapid […]

Tree felling City of Mönchengladbach

Along a busy road, felling took place for the City of Mönchenglacbach for at least 18 thick poplars. This involved a telescopic handler with a felling head and a truck to remove the residual wood. Residual wood was taken to a location where it was processed into biomass. The usable wood was stacked and later […]

Sycamore inspection in Stadt Haan (North Rhine-Westphalia)

BKC controls a number of very Sycamore trees here and, where necessary, they are also worked on. Sycamore trees are not only trees that grow quickly, but can also grow very tall, often reaching heights of between 20 and 30 metres. These trees are easily recognised by their bark with a camouflage appearance. It is […]

Airport Düsseldorf

BKC has had enduring relationship with Düsseldorf Airport for many years. The cooperation was strengthened when a mega project at Düsseldorf Airport started in 2016. After completing this project for 5 months, a follow-up project was started. For many years BKC has been taking care of the greenery on the runways of the airport. In […]

Tree felling Essen

BKC carried out a specialist job in Stadt Essen, which required felling trees on sloping slopes. To prevent such a slope from collapsing, the larger, old trees are removed. This simultaneously makes room for the young trees, which can then develop well.   Other projects Would you like to know more about our projects or […]