PLANTING OF THIRTEEN TREES AT AMERENA Sports Complex IN AMERSFOORT After almost two and a half years of building, the fabulous Amerena Sports Complex was officially inaugurated by Minister of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sports Bruno Bruins on 20 April. In cooperation with Van Zeeland Groen, BKC BV gave the finishing touch to the terrain […]

Miscanthus paper in production!

We not only use our miscanthus as a source for bio-energy, we also produce paper from it. At this moment, at Schut Papier, there is 650 kg 100 grams white paper, 150 kg 200 grams white paper AND 25 kg 100 grams black paper being produced! The pictures show a short impression of the paper […]

BKC sponsors Smiling Hospital Charity Gala

This year was the seventh edition of the Smiling Hospital Charity Gala, organized in Budapest, Hungary. It was a great success. A total of 5.794.050 HUF was collected, equal to 18.780 Euro. This year’s theme was ‘Sound of Music’ and with multiple musical performances, the most memorable performance was of the childrens choir and their […]

Biomass Power Station Fürstenwalde

From this summer on we are the proud owner of a biomass power station in Fürstenwalde, Germany. We bought this plant, with the aim of heating approximately 400 houses in a sustainable way, for a period of 15 years. The station has a capability of 2 Megawatt and is modularly expandable to 4 Megawatt. In cooperation […]

Harvest Miscanthus

Last weekend it was time for our yearly Miscanthus harvest at Businesspark 7Poort in Zevenaar. This happens to be (not surprisingly) right in front of our office building, meaning we had the pleasure of witnessing the crop grow larger ourselves. We are happy to say that the harvest of roughly 350 tonnes will be used entirely for […]

Launch new projects Hungary

The year 2015 has begun marvelously for BKC! This month we were able to receive two projects in Hungary, further strengthening our green relations with those municipalities. In the city of Lajosmisze we are commencing the project to inspect about 300 plantations, during which all the trees will be checked for diseases and other abnormalities. Additionally, […]

A greenovation in Duiven

The business park of Centerpoort/Nieuwgraaf is one of the biggest and busiest business parks in The Netherlands, with countless major and distinguished companies based there. To ensure future growth and accessibility, BKC will make some necessary changes to infrastructure, public transportation and maintenance, while the quality of the real-estate and surroundings is preserved. BKC has commenced […]

7poort Fruit Park

As a result of the crisis, quite a few of planned business sites have remained unused. Not unlike the business area of 7poort in Zevenaar, which has been developing more slowly than planned. In order to make use of the freed up space, BKC teamed-up with the city district and Businesspark 7poort to create a […]

Subsidy province of Gelderland

Recently we were able to qualify for a subsidy from the province of Gelderland. This so-called BIOBEST subsidy will support the research of possible ways to diminish the concentration of particulates. In addition, the funding will be used to research and produce Miscanthus and Miscanthus paper. This project, which is being carried out in cooperation […]

Miscanthus along Dutch highway

Last April BKC finished the planting of Miscanthus on a 750 metre strip along the A12 highway near Zevenaar. This batch of Miscanthus, which will be harvested yearly, is going to be used as a base for biofuel, bioplastic and paper. After the willow plantation, this is the second type of energy-crop at BKC.