Update: green renovation businesspark Duiven

Since October 2014 we have conducted green renovation on the Centerpoort-Nieuwgraaf business center in Duiven. After thorough preparation, we started planting in March 2015. In the meanwhile we have addressed a large part of the greenery in the industrial area. Currently we are busy with the third phase of the project.


This project is a collaboration between the Duiven municipality and BKC. Due to the offer of renowned companies and good accessibility business center, Centerpoort-Nieuwgraaf, is one of the busiest visited industrial areas in the Netherlands.  In order to ensure the business are will remain well accessible in the future, the municipality of Duiven had launched this green renovation project. Within the project we work closely with gardening company Teun Aleven and gardening company Mark ter Horst.

With our unique BKC Groenscan we ensure an improved quality, financial savings and sustainability of the business area. The well balanced assortment of planting makes the green a colorful whole. This promotes the appearance of the business park and is also attractive to visitors and newcomers. All planting we use is cultivated sustainably under the eco-label. Due to the fact that the planting needs only winter maintenance, it reduces CO2 emissions from used machinery and transport. With our sustainable planting we also ensure that there is a total financial savings of 10% after three years on the maintenance budget compared to traditional lawn.


The results: