Over 7,5 hectares fiber hemp sown in Zevenaar

Wednesday, the 17th of may, 7,5 hectares of fiber hemp is sown in Zevenaar. After we planted 25 hectares of elephant grass in the municipality, we now use the abandoned grounds in the district of Groot Holthuizen. The fiber hemp is known for its long fiber structure and sustainable planting possibilities and is therefore ideal for processing into high-grade cellulose for textiles and bio composites.

The planting of fiber hemp means a new step towards a sustainable municipality for Zevenaar. Fiber hemp is a sustainable crop because of its environmentally friendly cultivation. Furthermore there is no need for pesticides, the density of the crop prevents weeds, and the crop counteracts against erosion of the soil. In addition, it can serve as a substitute for petroleum in the production for plastic.

Due to the versatility of the fiber plant, hemp plays an increasing rol in the transition towards a sustainable society. The plant has been used for industrial applications for centuries, but has been lost in oblivion since the medicinal activity of the plant became known. In the meantime, fiber hemp makes a comeback as a sustainable part for paper, textiles and bio composites.

The hemp from Zevenaar will be processed at Miscancell after harvesting. Miscancell produces sustainably cellulose for the paper, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Moreover, there’s no point using the hemp for recreational use. The value thc, the psychoactive substance in hemp, is less then 0.2%, which means smoking the plant is useless.