Mega project Airport Düsseldorf success

We have had a lasting relationship with Düsseldorf Airport for years, and we are proud of that. Since last year, it has only been strengthened. Last year around this time, our mega project started at Düsseldorf Airport and after successfully completing this project 5 months later, we are currently working on the follow-up project.

After years of maintenance on the runways, we had the challenge to manage the wells on the runways last year. The 425 wells were outdated and to ensure the safety of the air traffic we cleaned the wells thoroughly. After cleaning the wells were filled with pebbles and Then the wells are filled with pebbles and attracted. Because we couldn’t be in the way of the air traffic, all work was done at night.

425 wells

The fact that it was an intensive and big project is apparent from the figures. A total of 425 wells were cleaned. We worked on this project for 5 months (June-October), where we worked 5 nights a week with approximately 10 people. With regard to the number of machines we used: 2 caterpillar cranes, 2 caterpillar dumpers, 1 tractor with container, 1 tractor mill, 1 special seed drill, 2 trucks, multiple shovels and special lighting. Go figure.


With the repair of the wells, the lane grasses were affected. We have restored this by placing new grass seeds. In order to prevent ‘staubentwicklung’ (dust formation) – the grass seeds must first be rooted – we have laid wire netting over the new grass seeds. The dust can be very dangerous and harmful to rising planes. With the help of this creative solution, the grass seeds could stay in place, get roots and would no longer compromise air safety.

The client was very satisfied with the completion of the project, with compliments for the professional implementation of the project.


Meanwhile, since July 2017, in extension of the mega project, we have launched a new project at the airport. The grass seeds proved to be a challenge and without water, the wire netting won’t have any effect and there will be no good rooted grassland. Therefore, Düsseldorf Airport has asked us to develop a water system, so that the grass gets water at regular times.

We developed a modular irrigation irrigated, which was constructed and tested by us and is done completely well as regarding to our client . Our prestigious system currently provides all runways on the Südbahn of water. We are proud of this!