Book from miscanthus presented to the deputy

Friday, April 29th, the book presentation of ‘miscanthus x giganteus’ took place at ‘Vlees & Vis’ Zevenaar. The book is the result of a two year project called ‘paper from elephant grass’. With success we not only produced paper, but also produced a book made completely from miscanthus paper. 


A unique reference

After successfully producing the paper the final step of the project was the development of a design for a good market introduction of the paper. For this step graphic design students of ArtEZ school of the arts were approached. The question: design a presentation model that addresses the properties of miscanthus and the paper made from it.

From this question the students designed a unique reference from and about miscanthus. The book can best be read as a reference to printing. In addition to essays about sustainability and the crop, this book contains a an overview to printing techniques and color schemes. Both elements meet each other in the book and inforce each other in a substantive and visual way. The purpose of this rich and layered design is to inform the reader about sustainability from different perspectives.



Book presentation with the deputy of the province Gelderland

The book presentation took place at the atmospheric ‘Vlees & Vis’ in Zevenaar. The book was presented by the students to the deputy of the province Gelderland, Mr. Michiel Scheffer, after different speakers said a few words about the need for sustainability. In succession a three course lunch was presented to the guests. Afterwords each guest received an exclusive copy of the book.