Biomass central completely renewed

From the outside nothing seems changed, but inside the biomass central in Fürstenwalde is completely renewed. The central has been given new boilers and from now on more than 400 houses are sustainably heated through our central. 


The old boilers in the central in Fürstenwalde had a capacity of 5.4 megawatt, whereas the new boilers have a capacity of 2 megawatt. With these new boilers of 2 MWh we now achieve more efficiency than with the old boilers of 5.4 MWh. This means a huge savings, both in the material you need as in your CO2 values. And, less material also mean less emissions. A win-win situation.

The final step is connecting the extinguishing facility to the pipes. This is of great importance to the fire safety, because a lot of shreds are blown through the pipes all day. As soon as the extinguishing facility is present, the central will be up and running for many years to come.