It is time for oak processionary caterpillar control once again.

BKC BV has been involved with the removal of oak processionary moth nests since early May. It is in the months of May-June-July that oak processionary caterpillars go round “in procession” looking for food. Through contact with the poisonous hairs of these caterpillars, humans develop complaints like itchiness, skin rashes or eye or respiratory irritation.

In order to prevent the spreading of the caterpillar hairs in the environment, we remove the caterpillars together with their nests, working from cherry pickers and using portable suction unita. The caterpillar remnants are also collected and disposed of.

Our colleagues carrying out the work are fully protected wearing safety clothing and masks so that they certainly do not get into touch with the caterpillars themselves.

We are at the moment active in Dülmen and will move on to Duisburg, where BKC BV is to perform caterpillar control for the German Road Traffic Authority.



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