The year 2015 has begun marvelously for BKC! This month we were able to receive two projects in Hungary, further strengthening our green relations with those municipalities.
In the city of Lajosmisze we are commencing the project to inspect about 300 plantations, during which all the trees will be checked for diseases and other abnormalities. Additionally, the trees will be pruned (if deemed necessary) and assigned a number for registration in our specialised tracking system.
The second project encompasses the planting of about 7,5 ha of Miscanthus in the municipality of Szentes. Previous collaborations have already resulted in about 12 ha of Miscanthus plantations. Inspired by this, the council has decided to use the newest addition of the crop to fully and sustainably heat a school (450 students).
After last year’s developments, these projects are the continuation of our sustainble collaboration with Hungarian municipalities.

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