We not only use our miscanthus as a source for bio-energy, we also produce paper from it.

At this moment, at Schut Papier, there is 650 kg 100 grams white paper, 150 kg 200 grams white paper AND 25 kg 100 grams black paper being produced!

The pictures show a short impression of the paper making process. First of all, the lignin of miscanthus is added (the brown chips). After that it is mixed into a mush which will be rolled out over the machines. Through the machines the mush is wetted and dried with high speed. The end result being a roll of white and black miscanthus paper!


The paper will be used for the first book ever made entirely of miscanthus paper. Designed by students of the art school the book is a printers guide. The guide shows the versatility of the miscanthus (paper). We expect the book to be finished and launched in the beginning of April.
For more information about the miscanthus paper, click here.

Also, the starting tickets for the successful event Outdoor Gelderland 2016 will be entirely made out of miscanthus paper. BKC sponsors this event by placing sustainable plants with the BKC Groenscan®. This years event will be more sustainable by printing everything on miscanthus paper.


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