Planting of Miscanthus

Contributing to a greener world

Miscanthus sinensis giganteus, a tall grass species, is a highly suitable basis for biomass. Due to its uniquely low moisture content and large yearly production of dry mass, it can be used very effectively to generate energy in a biomass power plant. The crop can also be processed into building materials, bio plastic and even paper.


At BKC we have a unique view on sustainability and the environment. By growing our Miscanthus adjacent to highways and on other underutilised stretches of land we make optimal use of all the advantages of the crop.

  • Miscanthus is a C4 crop and therefore a very efficient extractor of CO2.
  • It outproduces wood when it comes to cellulose.
  • Very few pesticides are required due to its quick growth.
  • The crop barely needs any fertiliser to sustain and grow.
  • Being a non-invasive crop, it poses no problems when removed.
  • The species can be a great contribution to the biodiversity of an area.

When it comes to the actual production of biomass from Miscanthus, BKC carries out the entire implementation. This includes the initial investment for the installation, maintenance, fuel and guaranteed heating. Plus, through the use of our very own breakdown service, we can ensure a maximum down-time of just of couple hours.


Thus far we have started several Miscanthus projects in various Dutch municipalities. In 2013 we started growing Miscanthus in Hungary and since 2014 we have several acres of the crop in Germany.


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