Miscanthus Paper

Miscanthus Paper

Besides generating energy from biomass, miscanthus in its versatility is well suited for making paper.


The demand for cellulose is increasing in various industries. The rapid growth of the crop and the amount of cellulose in miscanthus make it a good substitute for wood in manufacturing paper. In addition, miscanthus extracts a lot of CO2 which makes it very sustainable.


With these facts, the idea of making paper from miscanthus was born and a collaboration with Schutpapier easily found. The oldest paper factory in the Netherlands is well known for its sustainable character and already manufactured paper from tomato- and pepperstems.

BKC supplies the fibers and Schut Papier has the knowledge and technology to manufacture paper from it.


After several studies on the best and most sustainable techniques for extracting cellulose, the first miscanthus based paper is manufactured. With the same quality as regular paper, but better for the environment.


And, this is only the beginning of the journey. Meanwhile BKC exclusively uses miscanthus paper. The next step is to raise awareness. From september 2015, graphic design students work on a book based on miscanthus paper in order to reach the general public.