BKC Groenscan

BKC Groenscan®

Municipalities have the enormous responsibility of not only creating countless public greens, parks, slopes and roundabouts – they also have the laborious task of maintaining them. Despite this, various budget cuts are forcing some districts to lower their maintenance expenses. The reduction in the number of greens is a direct result of this.

However, in 2013 the European Union adopted a set of rules which aim to reduce the amount of particulates in the air. This means all municipalities must attempt to lower the concentration of particulates. According to studies and mathematical models public, greenery is an effective way to inhibit the amount of particulate matter by up to 20%. The BKC Groenscan ® is the starting point for more sustainable, varied and low-maintenance greenery in your district and a perfect way to expand your greenery, rather than limiting it.

With the BKC Groenscan ® we are offering a completely unique solution to the problems that come with public greenery. Improving areas aesthetically and boasting a sustainable design, this concept reduces maintenance costs, CO2 and particulate levels. It also completely sustains and improves the wildlife habitat and the area’s biodiversity.

The BKC Groenscan® step-by-step

  • Design and plan of action are made
  • Proposal for costs
  • If so desired different levels of maintenance
  • Launch of the project
  • Realisation and maintenance is performed
  • Multiple year plan concerning costs and upkeep


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