Application & Innovation

‘Creating a great environment’


We at BKC love participating in green initiatives and we are an active proponent of the research and implementation of sustainable innovations. Currently we are very excited about a pilot project with the municipality of Duiven, with as end goal a more eco-friendly and sustainable industrial park. Through the use of the BKC Groenscan® we are able to quickly determine what aspects of the public greenery are best improved. The industrial site will attain a green image and attract more business: a boon for the city.


Recently we have been able to qualify for a subsidy from the province of Gelderland. This so-called BIOBEST subsidy will support the research of possible ways to diminish the concentration of particulates. In addition, the funding will be used to research and produce Miscanthus and Miscanthus paper. This project, which is being carried out in cooperation with the University of Wageningen, will contribute greatly to the economy of Gelderland and provide jobs.

The project has since been launched and is scheduled to be completed mid-2015.


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