The environment & CO2 reduction

The importance of CO2 reduction

Reduction of CO2 emissions is an integral part of business operations at BKC. In fact, we consider it to be our core business. Not only do we strive every day to lower CO2 emissions in our surroundings, but we continue to minimise our own carbon footprint through the use of various sustainable innovations. Take our completely CO2 neutral office building or our company vehicles, the latter of which are exclusively powered by electricity or natural gas (with Euro 5-engines). Moreover, we use Aspen® fuel to power our machines and we fully adhere to the ISO 26000 guideline regarding implementation of CSR.


In addition to these environmentally aware initiatives, we provide all our excess greenery with a validated statement on their CO2 reduction level. Such statements serve to prove that the vegetation is being used for the production of biomass and –fuel. Consequently, they can be used to offset the net carbon footprint of the client’s business.


We take pride in our goal to be transparent in regards to our own CO2 reduction. Therefore, we decided to set up a dedicated website, which lists the documents, reports and goals pertaining to our CO2-performanceladder. The website was created in collaboration with Gerben de Vries of KAM-advies & begeleiding, Duiven.


Click here to view the BKC CO2-performanceladder website (Dutch).


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