Arboriculture from the roots to the crown

Being arborists at heart, we at BKC have a great respect for all the characteristics of a tree and are very knowledgeable of the effects of the seasons. By applying this knowledge, we are oftentimes able to extend the lifespan of particular trees even during the regressive phase. This is of great benefit not only to the local flora and fauna, but also to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Trees are the lungs of the world, after all. However, in an urban environment trees also fulfil an aesthetic role, which requires experience and attentive care. BKC aims to present such a level of care in our arboriculture and strives to provide clear advice.

In need of an arborist or looking for help in tree preservation or removal?

Through the use of our VTA (Visual Tree Assessment) inspections, we are able to quickly discern any safety compromising faults in the tree, which are then clearly noted in our report. Potential hazards are directly discussed and ways to improve the situation are presented.

Certified service for a certified quality!

We are passionate about what we do. Consequently, we know that our combination of modern and advanced equipment, skilful employees and various certificates (NEN-EN-ISO 9001, NEN-EN-ISO 14001, CO2-performanceladder, BTR, VCA**) will enable us to sucessfully face a wide range of challenges.

Our services

BKC represents complete maintenance. Our extensive list of services contains but is not limited to: arboriculture, the planting and removal of trees, inspection and advice, greenery maintenance and safety research.


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